“Gee” Roberson (right), co-founder of the well established Hip Hop Since 1978 management firm, filled in some huge shoes recently. The record industry vet recently become CEO of Geffen Records. He’ll work under Jimmy Iovine: CEO of Interscope Geffen A&M.

Roberson’s track record proves he’s no lame duck when it comes to the biz. He, along with Kyambo Joshua (left), laid the ground work in scoping producing talent for Roc A Fella records. HHS78 is currently managing music’s biggest stars in Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Drake among others.

Billboard suggests Gee’s new title will primarily have him overlooking new artist development. Roberson, on top of cultivating known artists throughout his career, has been behind some pivotal rookie projects. For instance, he co-executive produced Kanye’s College Dropout and Drake’s Thank Me Later. Those records, personal preferences aside, are among two of the biggest selling rap debuts in the past decade. There’s little doubt he’ll use his vast prior experience to help breathe life in popular music as a Geffen’s chairman.

It’s also interesting to see Geffen, a label built on rock staples like Aerosmith and The Eagles, put Roberson on board to head their operations. Geffen got more urban friendly from the 90’s onward despite lacking execs with primarily hip-hop backgrounds. Therefore, Gee’s new title is quite monumental given their past. The Bronx native hasn’t released a statement but we’ll keep you posted if he does.