“Get Off My P.P.”

 |  March 23, 2011


It’s already been established that Action Bronson has swag.  This guy and Danny Brown are managing to get this hater back into rappity rap.  I’m listening to his Dr. Lector album right now and it’s just gully.  I think that has been the problem with a lot of rappity rap as of late.  Hasn’t been gully enough.

You see Action Bronson isn’t the type of guy to just beat you up.  I get the vibe he would rather eat hot wings all day, get sweaty, and then just forcibly rub your face into his pools of stomach sweat.  Pretty much demoralizing you.

Be sure to cop that Dr. Lector album, but if you refuse to pay for music be sure to cop that The Program mixtape.  Below are some tracks off the album.

Action Bronson “Get Off My P.P.”

Action Bronson “Barry Horowitz”

Action Bronson “The Madness”