They’ve released their debut single, “Häagen Dazs.”

A new supergroup is upon us: Smino, Noname, and Saba have joined forces as Ghetto Sage. Last night, they came through with their debut single, “Häagen Dazs.”

Over a somewhat chilling yet gripping flute-accented instrumental, these three dynamic artists aptly display their unique skills while simultaneously making a case for having most team chemistry since the 73-win Warriors. All three share a common goal of creating great art, yet approach it slightly differently: Smino has a distinct, malleable voice, allowing him to handle hook responsibilities; with pensive lyrics conveyed by rhythmic vocals, Saba adds a dualistic quality to the mix; Noname rounds out the trio with her heady spoken word aesthetic. 

Ghetto Sage is a midwestern amalgamation of talented likeminded artists with a singular goal: to create great music. With “Häagen Dazs,” they’re well on their way. Keep your eyes and ears perked for more Ghetto Sage music; a recent press release noted to “stay tuned for more from Ghetto Sage coming soon.”

Listen to “Häagen Dazs” below: