tupac_smokinToday on this day of June 16th, 2009, Tupac Amaru Shakur should have been celebrating his 38th birthday.

But instead, friends, family, and fans alike take time out to honor one of Hip-Hop’s greatest soldiers, since he is no longer here to do it himself.

Filled with passion, desire, rage, and intensity all surrounded in one controversial bubble, there’s no denying that he inspired your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

Coining terms such as “Thug Life, and penning memorable songs like ‘Dear Mama,’ ‘So Many Tears,and ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby,Tupac was able to effortlessly paint pictures with his words, leaving a masterful canvas behind him for all of the world to see.

Gone but never forgotten, hopefully you too have a little time in your day to ‘Pour Out A Liquor’ for one of the most gifted individuals that ever walked God’s green earth…