Hating On The Sag!

 |  July 20, 2011

How low is too low? We often laugh at the fashion trend that is sagging pants…whether they’re skinny or baggy, sagging jeans has not gone out of style.  However recent events show that this fashion choice is NO laughing matter and that racial profiling is alive and well.

This past Monday, a group of protesters gathered at the U.S. Airways to demand an explanation for the recent arrest (June 15th 2011) of University of New Mexico football player Deshon Marman for allegedly refusing to pull up his sagging pants. Well we all know the answer to that burning question: Ding! Ding! Ding! RACISM!

Even though, claims have been made that the US Airways ticket agent was black as well, it still seems pretty fishy that an arrest followed suit after he refused to pull up his pants when asked to.  The charges against Marman have been dropped today.  However this hasn’t stopped protesters. Also I think the problem is much deeper than a matter of dress code.  Since it was pointed out that the  “US Airways allow[ed] a white man to travel wearing nothing but purple lingerie six days before Marman’s incident.” As if this wasn’t as disturbing {or even more} than the appearance of sagging pants.

After spotting Marman, the ticket agent informed a white flight attendant who then told the white pilot. Either the black woman felt seriously threatened by his appearance or she was an Uncle Tom. Either way, he told he woman that he would pull up his pants when his hands were free.

The sagging pants were probably not the only physical feature that caused the employees of US Airways to discriminate; he also sports dreads and is relatively tall.  An image they felt uncomfortable with.  US Airways defends the actions of their employees, deeming these actions were a result of trying to maintain the safety of their passengers, but to me just sounds like a bunch of crap.

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