Hilarious Vid: Nicki Minaj Is Creeping

 |  January 31, 2011

Nicki Minaj did a few guest spots on Saturday Night Live this weekend, she actually did a really good job on her acting debut. Minaj did show off her famous buns when she popped up in a fake blaxpoitation flick skit, “Bride of Blackenstein,” when the doctor unveiled his creation, a big booty Nicky Monster the assistant says “That’s why you had me fill those basketballs with Jell-O!” But she quickly made it clear that she has an attitude to match her assets, batting away Frankenstein’s advances with “You think you can just walk up on me and get some of this?” After she officially staked her claim to the castle and insisted her new man stay at home, the townspeople stormed the dungeon but were quickly by a wiggle of Minaj’s mega-booty.

That skit was funny but the creep def did it for me: