Last night’s annual State of the Union Address by President Barack Obama had a lot of the hip hop community buzzing on Twitter. Its good to see rappers taking an interest in politics .

Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden Tweets were hiliarious:
“If Wiz performs “Black & yellow” as soon as Obama is done .. i’m retiring, lol,” Budden tweeted last night (January 25).

“smmfh RT @mscarlaifunasty Ok good he’s talkn bout healthcare. I really need to know if my ass shots are gona be covered soon”

“Stupid fans make it hard 2 tell a joke, smh RT @MaxMel350@JoeBudden dissing @RealWizKhalifa …” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)
Q tip also joined in on the tweets, “Chamber of confusion,” he tweeted. “”Success is not a function of fame or PR but hard work” obama India, s. Korea and china are getting mad shoutouts in the SOTU address. “Simplify the individual tax code” obama. Transparent government. Let’s see. “American muslims are apart of the american family” obama. Now back 2 bipartisan bickering, tea partying and reality tv “stars” @djbrainchild hahahahahahaha! I was expecting dj khaled to bop down the aisle and the disco ball to drop!” (Q-Tip’s Twitter)

Even the Roots Questlove joined in:
“Go O! yall playing the drinking game if O says “jobs”? lol at this red carpet action going on with the partisan speed dating/musical chairsology of this SOU address. all that is missing from this walk in is this theme JOBS! (one drink) #ObamaDrinkingGame JOBS! (two drinks) #ObamaDrinkingGame 4 JOBS! #ObamaDrinkingGame before yall get mad ill just round it off to every 10 “jobs”” (Questlove’s Twitter)