Hood Chef & Friends BBQ 2011 NYC

 |  June 24, 2011
It's heating up
Hood Chef BBQ
It's a dog eat dog world
Just chilln
It's all good
Throw your hood up

Johnny Nelson

We stay fly
Picture this
Go dj, thats my dj
You see us

Hood Chef & Tenille

True hot boys
Girls we run the worldYou see us
Homie love
I'm out here
Mad love
57 Boyz in the building

5-7 Boyz in the building

We still here
What it do
Sh*t facedMake it rain
Good food good drink
Let that boy cook
I'm here to
No shame in my game


And what
Check the ice grill
Just give me the lightStone Cold
Taking it all inRep your set
AightDoing Me
Say word
All day every day
Still Standing My G
40oz Bounce Swag
Holding it down
One Time
We on the scene
Just kicking it
Don't get gased
Break Time
We on fire
Everybody eats B

The Hood Chef

You already know
And what

And what

You thought I was playing
It's a shameless thing

Seth & Tenille

Back for more
Who's next
Got it for cheap
It's a lifestyle
Chocolate Sundae
Loud Pac forever
We on one
Skate or Die

Cudoz of Rocky Buisness

Me and my soulja rag

Johnny Nelson

Say cheese
The Munchies
The Free Lunch Bunch
You again

Seth & The Hood Chef

No Music
First Come First Serve
We 2 Deep
We just getting started
All night long
Who needs a light
Hello Brooklyn

Hello Brooklyn

Midnight Hustle

Hood Chef is the man in NYC! If you don’t know now you know. All photos by Brock Fetch