See that wry smile? The fluttering eye roll? With just one well-timed shoulder bop and hair primp, Nicki Minaj has set off the Antietam of Hip Hop Summer. The beef steamed fish we’ve all been waiting for.

The lipstick pucker to end a faking outsider’s interim rap reign. Set your irony meter to 10 though bruhs, as rap’s self-proclaimed Queen Barbie is now irate that an actual tuffet-soft Barbie has ascended her throne. And Iggy’s eating her chart-topping curds and whey to boot.

Of course Nicki feels threatened by the beige version of her so quickly signifying in her place, in front of her people at the Darkness Awards. When the Young Money All-Star chose the pop route, it was based on her willingness to create herself in the image of the Katy Perrys and Mileys of the world. Get back, Lil Kim. There’s a new wig in town.

Now that Iggy’s body is the hot doll on the shelf, Minaj is no different (to the tween white girl fan base) than Azalea, ’cause young Becky Burbs never did care about who could go bar for bar with the rough and tumble boy rhymers in the 1st place. Even if Nicki wins this one “on wax,” by acknowledging a two-bit second-rate impersonator, she’s already lost the war.

(h/t) Consequence of Sound.