I Shake Milkshake

 |  March 29, 2010

Who doesn’t love their kicks and if you’re into lifestyle/street -you love your sneakers! What draws you in are the designs, the fit, the shape, the color and of course – the Effect! Outside of being an athlete- we love our sneakers for the casual and comfort! But….It’s really about “How you Shake it – Bringing killer art for your feet”- Milkshake NYC

I got caught on early to the Milkshakes as Courtney Carreras aka C Fresh reached out to me several years later after dealing with her back at Yellow Rat Bastard – she reached out via Facebook to let me know about her new endeavours. I immediately wanted to bring some artists through the spot- check the kicks, vibe, take photos, listen to music and of course lace my artists if the designs were fresh and that they were!

So the showroom/office is in a hot spacious spot in the L.E.S. Met her partner Curvel Baptiste aka Kid Curvel. The two make a great team- excellent eye, taste and both in the know for lifestyle and art and what’s hot!

What’s even fresher is – Milkshake is designed exclusively for the female sneaker fiend..Yes- you guys out there can go anywhere and find your kicks so many choices/brands- now we have something extra- Customized, exclusives, artistic blends, over the top or simply hot.


Israel’s Onili so fresh!



MC Karolina rocking Betty Boops

You’ll find these Milkshake kicks at SampleSaleShop coming soon. The premiere pop up shop- Had to give an early shout out! Also on Twitter @

Leaving you with a taste live n direct.