iHipHop Video Interview: Rain

 |  December 5, 2008

 So I caught up with Rain a couple weeks back at his show in New York, and he rolled through to the office for an interview.  I’m happy it took us awhile to get this out with rumors circulating that Rain has been going back and forth to LA to work with Dr. Dre.  Who knows if anything will actually get placed on Detox, but just to have Dre speaking your name is an honor.  Well anyway I can say Rain is good shit, and we just chopped it up for a good hour afterwords off camera about music and shit, and I think he has his head in the right place.  At the end of the day he does this shit because he loves music, and that’s all I can really ask of an artist.  I got his mixtape below, as well as an exclusive joint called “Make It”.  Have a good weekend.  (Video Note To Self: Think ya, don’t say it out loud.)Rain Front






















Rain- American Dreamin


“Hell”- Preview Link “2nd Person”- Preview Link “Can You Feel It”- Preview Link


“Make It”- RainTo Preview Track Click HereRain Back