The best part of this story is how Ron Artest’s publicist confirmed that the name change is occurring right before he quits being Ron Artest’s publicist.  Ron is right.  He seems more like a Metta as opposed to a Ron.  He also has that special type of crazy.  I salute you Metta.  I think this is the first step in worldwide change!  LA Times:

The Lakers’ forward filed paperwork in Los Angeles County Superior Court to legally change his name to “Metta World Peace.”

“It’s true, he did,” said Heidi Buech, who was Artest’s longtime publicist until resigning earlier this week.

Among the definitions for “metta” is a Buddhist virtue of kindness.

Artest has informed the Lakers of his plans but has not yet filed paperwork with the NBA to apply for a name change on the back of his jersey, Lakers spokesman John Black said.

“My understanding is ‘Metta’ will be his first name and ‘World Peace’ will be his last,” Black said.