Interview – Next Up: Brisco

 |  December 30, 2008
























Florida saw a phenomenal wave of artists standing up for them in 2008 with many of them leading the way in record sales and exposure. With the eve of 2009 upon us, there is one artist that is not looking over last year’s accomplishments, but to tomorrow’s bright future. Brisco has garnered a buzz and has put himself ahead of the race to be the sunshine state’s next big star. He is putting the finishing touches on his ‘09 release Street Medicine that is a joint effort of Cash Money Records and Poe Boy Entertainment. Not just satisfied to have two of the biggest names in hip-hop co-signing him (Lil’ Wayne and Rick Ross), he also is working with Timbaland, who asked to be a part of his project. I got a chance to catch up with him while he was working in the studio and get his take on his career and what should be his New Year resolution.

What have you been working on?
I been working on my album Street Medicine. I just been grinding, trying to make this a classic album.

Who else is involved with your project?
You got Rick Ross, (Lil’) Wayne, Flo-Rida, Khaled, you know…

2008 was a big year for Florida. How do you think ’09 is going to go?
09 is my year! I’m basically gonna run ’09. Really for the next 5 years and I aint just talking shit, you feel me?


I know you had some problems with Yung Berg earlier this year.
I hope he sells more records next time. Aint no beef in 09 I’m the nice guy, feel me?
And if he wants to do a song he can email me the verse, western union or wire me a check. It’s all love. I hope he do way better than last time.

Is there anything else you are doing to give yourself a better set-up because the way record sales are going?
Nah, because you can’t fool the consumer, can’t fool the public. They know what’s hot. They are gonna tell you.

Have you been doing shows or any touring?
Yeah I really been poppin’ in the southern region. I’m still doing spots in Miami going back and forth. Sometimes I do the same spot twice a month.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?
I’m trying to get more money than I can fit into one of my houses! Just trying to get that paper and make a better living for me and my son.