Is Birdman Buying An $8 Million Dollar Car?

 |  April 25, 2011

So I just saw Birdman tweet this pic out.  While your boy lacks skills in the grammar department I think he is saying he got this car for 8 million dollars and that he will be getting it in all red.  Believe that.  Anyone know what kind of car this is?  While I believe that it is expensive, I believe that it costs 8 Mill like I believe that Birdman is part owner of the Miami Dolphins.  I’m all for “stuntin” but at some point you gotta switch it up and buy really nice houses or estates as opposed to nice cars.  Plus with all the money Birdman has spent on cars he definitely could have bought a private jet by now which is way more boss.

Edit: Dude in the c-section is saying it’s a Maybach Exelero.  Not sure if that’s true, but I want to believe it since it’s a Maybach and Birdman.