It’s Just Begun…

 |  January 19, 2010


Life. Moves very fast. Thousands of possibilities existing in the flash of a moment. A lotta moments, a whole lotta possibilities.

I’d like to introduce you to iHipHop . I go back with iHipHop. My peoples. For over years 15. Before this internet shit was imaginable. When music cd’s flew off the shelves every Tuesday. Like clockwork. During them days when this Hip  Hop culture of ours produced top quality work; from 1st generation cats that pushed the boundaries in music, sports, film, fashion, literature, publishing, language, lifestyle, politics, state of mind. Back when niggas had to be f.r.e.s.h. to rep they skills. No marketing plans could ever save you if you wasn’t on point. That need to live way above surviving. To stay firmly focused on your own path. Faith that staying original was the only path to take. You know. That authentic Hip Hop shit.

Over the years I’ve seen my peoples make moves. A whole lotta moves. While most was pushing checkers across the board, my peoples had their Bishops locked firmly on target. All chess everything. For years. From the outside looking in, I seen cats silently laying down blueprints. Moving, expanding, quietly, efficiently, effectively. From film, to music, to marketing, to publishing, to this internet thing to…  Heh. I see it. Clearly.  Life is incredible B. In this age, one can go from thoughts to words to actions that transform that wispy dream thing to something real, tangible, f.r.e.s.h.

Some of you may have already heard of iHipHop and its partner site, HipHopGame. Digital real estate that’s maintained a clean brand image. They figured it was time to move past that clean image. That clean slate. It’s a new year. A new decade. The old ways of doing things, the art, the business model, the mentality of brick and mortar are behind us. The playing field is completely level. Time to make moves. Knight to Queen. And fuck a stalemate. This team here? Strictly mate. Each and every time. Trust. Watch.

I’ve seen the moves. And I see the future blueprints. And I can’t stop smiling. From ear to ear. That cliche about this and that being a movement. This is that.

To all my peoples in real life. And to each and every one of you whose paths have built with mine on this universe that is the Internets. That pie is about to get real big. Get ready to pull up a chair. There will be plenty to go around.

I brought some friends along. I’ll let Dallas Penn tell it.