Jason Derulo recently hit up London nightclub Merah, and ran up a £38,000 tab, a figure roughly equivalent to $60,000. The Daily Mirror (an English tabloid) allegedly managed to get their hands on his receipt, which revealed that he had spend £28,000 alone on a bottle of Cristal Methuselah. Yup, that’s about $45,000 for one bottle of champagne.

He also bought a $4000 bottle of Roberto Cavalli’s luxury brand Italian vodka, for which he needed 45 cokes and 40 red bulls (Hmmm, to me about 10 red bulls seems like plenty mixer for a single bottle of vodka…?). Seems like these days it’s all about the ‘how-much-money-can-you-spend-in-one-night-at-a-club’ swag. But at least Derulo got fancy alcohol and bottle service instead of making it rain, or just setting $100 bills on fire. Spotted at the BB.