esq-jay-z-0210-24kmilkcrateJay-Z wants everyone to know that he’s a huge Arsenal fan.  Arsenal, the North London-based football soccer juggernaut nicknamed “The Gunners,” has been his favorite team for five years, ever since Thierry Henry played there, and has continued to support to club after Henry‘s departure.  In fact, Jay-Z is such a big fan that he’d love to invest in a minority stake in the team, just as he’s done with the New Jersey Nets.  When asked about his interest in purchasing a share of the team, Jigga said, “I am a businessman, and I will always look at an opportunity, and if it feels right, great. I don’t know a lot about the business of soccer, but in the future if the right opportunity presented itself, then who knows?”  Regardless of his status as owner or fan, Jay truly is a huge supporter of the Gunners, offering them free tickets and backstage passes to his next London concert, as well as an invite to celebrate their winning the league (if they win; Arsenal are currently 2 points back from Manchester United in the Premier League standings) in New York at the end of this season.  Jigga told Arsenal Magazine, “I don’t know if there are any Jay-Z fans in the team but if there are they would be more than welcome to come to my next concert when I am over in London. They can come and see me do my work, and then I will come and see them do their work.

This news comes just a week after it was announced that Diddy was deciding between two English clubs (Crystal Palace and Portsmouth) to purchase.  However, Arsenal is a major, major step up from those teams, being listed within the top-10 wealthiest franchies in world sports for the past few years.  I guess this truly shows the difference between Diddy and the Jiggaman; Diddy has money, but goes after some whack stuff just for show, while Jay wants to have a minority stake in a hugely successful club that he truly supports.  In terms of investments, Jay-Z = real, Diddy = fake.  Is anyone really surprised?

[UPDATE] I’m a HUGE Arsenal fan for many years, so I couldn’t just write this article without giving you guys some great footage of the beautiful game played the Arsenal way.  So below is a video of the top “stunning” goals in Arsenal history, enjoy!