Jay-Z Responds To Hammer

 |  November 3, 2010

How do you respond to a horrific diss record focused on dancing around the scene of your baptism?  By laughing it off and going on to praise the creator.  Last night on DJ Semtex’s show, Jay-Z told the host that he didn’t realize he was the first person to make a reference to MC Hammer going broke.  After sharing a chuckle or two, Jay said that in his new book, Decoded, he actually wrote great things about Hammer such as that the public has the wrong perception of him and that he made the best out of the situation he was placed in (“he’s going to be really embarrassed…I said really great things about him“).   Hov went on to say, “I Didn’t know if I said anything wrong” in the track “So Appalled.” To set the record straight, no response track is in the works.

Listen to Jay-Z Talk About MC Hammer Diss