Jermaine to Quit Virgin?

 |  October 17, 2006
By: Dee
      Rumor has it that Jermaine Dupri is threatening to quit his job as president over at Virgin Records because he’s blames them for his girlfriend, Janet Jackson’s poor record sales.  He believes they could have done a better job at promoting the album and could have gotten her more radio airplay.  Though promotion could be a factor in Janet’s low sales (even though she did Oprah, and what’s bigger than that), I think the biggest setback was releasing those 2 lacklustor singles. Not saying that the songs were bad, I just don’t think they were good enough to be used as comeback singles.  It also didn’t help that the album basically got bad reviews across the board. But if Jermaine wants to point the finger at Virgin for Janet’s flop, let that be his thing…