Queens MC, Julian Stephen, is prepping the release of his new mixtape, #AwkwardMoments, set to drop Wednesday, September 12. Hit the jump for the tracklist, featuring production from BrandUN Deshay, Trox, and Tim William. Be on the lookout for iHipHop’s exclusive interview with Julian when it comes out in a few days.

1.) Sophisticated Thoughts (Produced by BrandUN Deshay)

2.) Shootin Hoops (Produced by The Common Wealth)

3.) Hoodie Music (Produced by Trox)

4.) 69 (Creepin’) ft. Victoria Juste (Produced by Andrew Lloyd)

5.) Mom Knows Best ft. Osasu Love (Produced by Andrew Lloyd)

6.) Tootsie Roll (Produced by Trox)

7.) Insecure Fears (Produced by The Common Wealth)

8.) On & Off (Produced by Qwest Beats)

9.) Dance Wit Me ft. Tim William (Produced by Tim William)

10.) Booty Call Hrs. (Produced by Mizfitz Soundz)

11.) Hey Stranger (Produced by The Common Wealth)

12.) 11:11 (Produced by James Moore)