Kanye Returns To SNL

 |  October 3, 2010

Despite telling the whole cast of SNL to kiss his a$$ in the song “Power,” Kanye West performed the single as well as “Runaway” on last night’s edition of the sketch comedy show.  Not coincidentally, Kanye changed the abovementioned lyrics and laid down a new verse which was equally dope.   Pusha T came out for “Runaway” which was a nearly identical performance to this year’s VMA’s, with the exception of pyrotechnics being replaced by an assemblage of ballerinas.  Those who have seen Yeezy live know that his stage show is out of this world; it’s pretty incredible that he is able to keep up this image in a venue as intimate as Studio 8H at NBC. 

Kanye West “Power” Live On SNL


Kanye West “Runaway” ft Pusha T Live On SNL