Apparently, Beyonce is not the only seed of “Destiny” that’s coming back this spring. Kelly Rowland is definitely in the works of finishing her album. Her two hits “Commander” and “Motivation” have been making splashes here and there. However for her album, she is definitely working on going back to her R&B roots; she’s been working with Rico Love. He produced her dance hit “Commander” and according to Rap-up, he also penned 10 to 12 songs on her third solo LP.

Rico talks about the work with Kelly: “I think it’s a good collaboration of both… It showcases her vocals. I take pride in vocals and I take pride in producing vocals and pulling out the best vocals I can out of all the artists I work with. To me, the artist is the instrument. So if I’m writing a melody and coming up with an idea, I have to make sure I coach [an artist] and push them to a level where everybody singing the song believes it. Every time you hear Kelly sing a song, you should feel like she wrote it because she means it that much.”

As you can see Rico is very confident in this collaboration. Especially with hits like “Love Is The Greatest,” a track that he is confident in making the cut. The track is a soulful tune that has a nice chill reggae vibe. If her work in “Motivation” is any indication of what’s to come, then maybe Kelly should be worried. Kelly is definitely coming up against some amazing artists, not to knock her. So we’re hoping with this collaboration with Rico Love will take her to new heights.