Another day, another hit from KG.

If there’s one thing Kevin Gates knows how to do, it’s how to create a hit. Thumbing through his deep musical catalogue, it’s virtually impossible to not stumble across a song that you’ve recited at the top of your lungs — whether it be “Really Really” or “I Don’t Get Tired,” Kevin Gates has created a omnipresent song to complement your mood.

Continuing this mission of imparting palatable music, the NOLA native is back with another fiery single, “#Yuktatan.”

Released through his YouTube channel today, May 6th, “#Yukatan” is a hard-hitting single that recruits Gates’ uniquely-textured voice over the Yung Lan production. Reflecting on his haunting past that has facilitated his current success, “#Yuktana” serves as a reminder of how pressure creates diamonds.

Join in on this reflection by hitting play on “#Yukatan” below: