NOLA’s prodigal son returns.

No if’s, and’s, or but’s, Kevin Gates is a bona fide hitmaker. The man’s catalogue is littered with nine-figure-streamed songs — from “Really Really” to “2 Phones” — and his penchant for crafting catchy singles has only sharpened with time. Today, he hopes to continue making waves with his new track, “Return Of The Mack.”

It’s been less than a month since Gates released his Only The Generals Gon Understand EP, and already the NOLA native is back with another offering.

On “Return Of The Mack,” KG enlists his captivating dualistic melodic and serrated rap aesthetics to create another textured track. He’s as adept at singing as he is rapping, and fully synthesizes the differing styles on the four-minute song.

Listen to “Return Of The Mack” below: