Happy to have this guy back.

Finally, Kevin Gates is emerging from the suffocating shadow casted from his imprisonment dating back to October ‘16. There have been sparse Gates sightings, like his summer track “No Love”, but relative to his pre-prison voluminous output, we’ve been deprived of the Bread Winners’ leader. This past week’s announcements aim to change that, however.

Yesterday, Gates released his first video since being jailed for the track, “What If”—an earlier released single. Drawing a close parallel to Kevin’s real-life situation, “What If” centers on characters in Gates’ hometown, Baton Rouge, struggling to cope in his absence.

Today, KG issued a new track, “Had To”, which explains and justifies actions Gates felt necessary to carryout. In addition to releasing a new single, the IsIah rapper announced that a new project will be dropping on 9/22, By Any Means 2. Following his 2014 By Any Means project, the successor has big shoes to fill, as the original is home to hits such as: “Hard For”, “Can’t Make This Up”, “Don’t Know”, and many more. But, knowing Kevin Gates, By Any Means 2 will live up to the hype, and hopefully exceed expectations.

Make sure to listen to “Had To” below, and get ready for an onslaught of new Kevin Gates music: