A warning for the fakes and snakes.

Atlanta has long been integral to the hip-hop ethos. From producing icons like Outkast to current stars like Migos, the A constantly churns out top-tier talent. Today, the street legend Young Scooter and the trending-omnipresent Lil Baby have linked up on the former’s new track, “Petty.”

Produced by Yung Lan and Versace Beats, the exciting Atlanta artists’ new offering warns the fakes and snakes to get out of the way — if they know what’s good for them. While tropes of success can materialize as prototypical lavish adornments, something as crucial to the integrity of an accomplished individual is the opportunistic people trying to latch on.

On “Petty,” Scooter and Baby don’t mince words regarding these leeches: Simply, tread lightly if trying to weasel into these crews.

Check out “Petty” below: