Durk’s next album Love Songs For The Streets 2 is complete.

Lil Durk is never shy when chucking-up his hometown of Chicago. A proud resident of the Windy City, the 26-year-old artist always pays homage to his origins, knowing that the Midwestern city played a pivotal role in shaping his identity. From style to content, Durk’s allegiance isn’t muffled or concealed.

On his latest track, “Chiraqimony”, Lil Durk takes Kodak Black’s “Testimony” instrumental for a lyrical joyride, discussing the harrowing circumstances of growing up in the wrong parts of Chicago. “I got niggas who locked up who niggas lied on / These niggas shootin’ at these kids, they shootin’ in blindfolds / I got blood in my eyes, it ain’t mine, oh,” Durk raps passionately.

In addition to peeling back the layers on a Chicago adolescence, Durk also uses “Chiraqimony”  to announce that his forthcoming Love Songs For The Streets 2 is complete.

Get ready for the impending album release by playing “Chiraqimony” below: