Lil’ Wayne Feels Some Type Of Way…

 |  May 24, 2012

So Pusha T comes out with Exodus 23:1 last night and viciously throws jabs at certain people (no names), who knows… I think now we may know who the song was intended for. This morning Wayne had something to say and Young Chop chimed in with his take on the song as well:














Both are none too happy with Pusha but I doubt T really cares what either of them have to say about him or the song. I think this is one of those, I just never really liked this guy spats and dudes look like they genuinely dislike each other. One thing that will get heightened is – MUSIC! Think about it, this song is pretty good and when was last time you heard a garbage beef song, think Jay-Z, 50-Cent, Nas, etc. Time will tell.