G-Unit soldier, Lloyd Banks, has spoken out about the recent controversy between rapper Shyne and his fellow G-Unit member 50 Cent.

spoke with DJ Envy and explains that the Unit didn’t take the diss(es) too seriously and they actually just laughed it off. Banks says:

“I heard maybe one or two freestyles prior to that one,”
Banks told DJ Envy referring to Shyne’s “Un-Thinkable remix”. “So it was kinda like getting worse and worse for me. I didn’t even wanna ask him if he heard it, because I know he ain’t hear it and he said, ‘What’d he say?’ I said, ‘It was sad, it was really, really wack. He just laughed and we just laughed about it. I’m pretty sure he won’t talk about him again. That guy lost it man. Whatever he did have, it’s not there anymore.”

True. Shyne kind of fell off, well actually really fell off and he’s bringing back beefs from the early 2000’s? It’s 2010, we off that.

LA Reid should have done a little more research before making this investment…