Manny Just Being A Millionaire…

 |  March 4, 2009

mannyAfter months and months of wrangling, the LA Dodgers and future hall of fame slugger Manny Ramirez have FINALLY come to terms on a new contract.

The Left Fielder from the Washington Heights section of New York by way of the Dominican Republic (who used to play for this writer’s BELOVED Boston Redsox), signed a new two-year deal worth $45 million, with Ramirez being able to void out the second year of the contract and become a free agent (team owners must really hate that “free agent” thing).

The free-spirited ball player helped the Dodgers become Nation League Champions last year with 17 homeruns, and 53 RBI’s when he was traded out West mid-season last year.

Now with a whole season on deck (no pun intended), you can bet your $10.50 plastic cup of Budweiser, and your $7.00 hotdog that the balls will definitely be flying out of Dodger Stadium at a steadier rate.