|  October 24, 2008

master scammer

We have all seen those flyers on subways, ads on the internet and letters in the mail about how we can make millions from only $250 right? Well it looks like Master P or P Miller as he prefers to go by nowadays is promoting one of these sites to people who just want to be like him. The new networking/marketing site is encouraging people to sign up by paying a fee of $199 then $19.99 a month thereafter to sell travel packages over the internet.
These scams never make us richer, they only make the people behind the scam richer. This is kind of shocking actually as P Miller is usually all about giving back and helping communities so I was expecting to see a press release from the Miller camp saying that he is in no way endorsing such a scam as this and the site is using Percy’s image without consent, but when you check out his myspace page there he is promoting this trash. Tsk Tsk..not impressed Percy.