Last week, Method Man was getting a lot of heat in regards to a statement he made in reference to women with natural hair. “No. I don’t like peasy afros, sorry,” said the Wu-Tang Clan member.  “I don’t like dreads either. I like a woman to get her hair did.“

Well, he recently called in to the WPGC Morning Show with Big Tigger and Danella to explain his comments and lash out at “new media”.

I don’t see why but for one, we were having a regular conversation in the dressing room. This happened recently in Connecticut on the Wu Tang tour. It was a regular conversation and I wasn’t the only person that was talking and we were in there joking. This is what the new media is? I rather do my album way underground where nobody can interview me or say anything. I didn’t want to upset none of my sisters. You’re beautiful no matter which way you are, I just have my preference.

I didn’t know it was a video! For real, you see that’s why when we do shows people try to come in the dressing room with cameras and stuff they damn near get beat up. Seriously, if this is the new media I rather not even be a part of it. I was being sarcastic; I’m a clown, I like to joke around and stuff like that. Girl, if you want to come outside with your hair in a afro, so be it, do what you do. If you want to rock dreads, so be it, do what you do. If you want to take it back to Africa or take it back to where ever the hell you what to take it to, you do that!

He continued:

I don’t go online at all! For the simple fact of stuff like this. I don’t go online because I get a bad rap, it’s because EVERYBODY gets a bad rap.

All I can say it this “Bossip get off my d**k!!” “Mediatakeout get off my d**k!!” All you little media motherf**kers, gossip n*ggas get off my d**k! Do some real reporting like Meth donated computers to school and sh*t like that or talking to kids about staying off drugs instead of worrying about a n*gga joking about female hair. That’s stupid to me and everybody that commented on that get a f**king life. Because for real, who cares that Method Man said, “I don’t like nappy ass hair”.

Some women felt the peasy part of it made it seem like a little black on black, self-hatred type thing?
Black on black, self-hatred. Look B, I don’t even brush my hair, let alone comb it. Tell me your honest opinion. If a chick roll out of bed and walk outside like that, who gonna love that?

Okay really,  lets stop being defined by hair. Permed, natural, or bald be a proud human and do what makes you happy. I really don’t think he was being hateful or degrading towards women. Some women want a man with a nice low-cut Caesar and some prefer the Jheri Curl, move on.

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