Metro State of Mind

 |  May 18, 2010


Some call her Miss! Or Metro or Laura! She’s Miz Metro Downtown NY savvy rocking singer/songwriter- figured out a looping pedal and other effects to add to her live show and production. She also performs with tightknit trio – mini bass and turntables- creating the electronic grooves and bass heavy sounds to her funky synth pop edge!  Oh- when you hear another voice on the rhymes- it’s Crosby Coolest- aka Crosmopolitan

I met Laura O’Reilly aka Miz Metro right after high school- been watching her develop her craft ever since! 5 years later and…  Curator of art gallery- several successful art shows under her belt-  a degree in digital media studies as of last week- Congratulations!  A TV show on the web called The Miz Metro ‘Unlimited’ Show.

Blogs on The Bloom Blog with Miz Metro Mondayz and…She’s working on a fresh new sound with Bomb Squad’s Keith Shocklee.  Can’t wait to hear that! Also hooked up with Red Spyda and working on some powerful remixes!  And if that’s not enough- also co-producer of Hip Hop Howl.

First to boast about brand new artists before anyone else- for example- Monica Rush, Jade, Jovi Rockwell, Bridget Kelly. and now Adrienne Mack-Davis who we’ll be hearing soon enough!

Check out her first music video- Perez Hilton went Gaga over the song! “Trashion”

She’s off for her debut in Van City this Thursday- she turned down Tea with his Royal Highness- Prince Charles– Indeed!!!  “Blame New York” on Thursday at Red Room...

Then the Graduation party and send off to Europe for rest of Summer! Busy Girl and it’s only the beginning!   Oh- the signature rocking Metro Card earrings- the Metro card dress- the fashions are super innovative- Europe will eat it up! Oh and did I tell you she’s a ‘Sneaker Freaker’-Hard Core!