Miami Art Basel 2011: The Best Of The Walls

 |  December 8, 2011
As Art Basel 2011 comes to a close we provide you with this quick update on all the highlights of street-art taking place in the MIA. Artists such as Ron English, Jersey Joe, Futura and more all put their stuff on display on the Wynwood Walls and other various walls in the neighborhood. Art-history was made. english4 .

Artist: Jersey Joe Inspired by 70s and 80s subway-graffiti art, Jersey Joe created this mural which spans an entire block. The faces were meant to give those driving by that feeling of moving subway cars tagged with graffiti to form an "elongated canvas." Check out more of Jersey Joe here. . jersey-joe-art-basel-miami-2011-1 jersey-joe-art-basel-miami-2011-2 jersey-joe-art-basel-miami-2011-3 jersey-joe-art-basel-miami-2011-4 jersey-joe-art-basel-miami-2011-6

Artist: Risk LA-based artist Risk created this mural utilizing a tri-color base to create a sort of texturized wall with a tie-dye effect. The mural was said to be a fan-favorite at the show. Risk came through with an interesting piece, as their may have been some competition from Risk's fellow Art Baselers and friends, RETNA and RIME. Check out more of Risk's work here. risk-art-basel-miami-2011-1 risk-art-basel-miami-2011-2 risk-art-basel-miami-2011-4 risk-art-basel-miami-2011-6 risk-art-basel-miami-2011-7 .

Artist: Kenny Scharf NY's own, Kenny Scharf created this mural in the Wynwood Walls utilizing some of his iconic characters. The piece is meant to convey the idea of quick graffiti rather than pre-set spaces and planned artistry. Scharf has always been a fan of traditional NYC graffiti and it shows through here. Check out more of Kenny Scharf's work here. img_4 img_1 img_2 img_3

Artist: Futura Perhaps one of the most well-known street artists out there, Futura joined the lineup of artists hitting Miami's Wynwood Walls. An installation in the NYC graffiti world for decades, Futura has collaborated with streetwear brands like Supreme, Zoo York and even designed the UNKLE Nike SBs. He decides to go a little more abstract for this piece, sadly no Nosferatus were present on the wall. Check out more Futura here. img_5 img_1-1 img_2-1 img_3-1

Artist: Ron English

Famed NYC artist Ron English participated in the Wynwood Walls exhibition as well, highlighting his iconic 'hulk boy' imagery. The way he incorporated the rock at the front of the wall and his 3D 'camouflage deer' to create the affect the deer is standing on the rock is incredibly impressive. Definitely a top-wall within the Wynwood. Check out more Ron English here. img_4-1 img_1-2 img_2-2 img_3-2

Artist: Ryan McGinness The Virginia Beach native, Ryan McGinness delivers his wall entitled, "33 Women" at art basel, highlighting the female form. His use of semi-abstract women desexualizes the piece and creates the ability to admire the female form "purely aesthetically." The use of Day-Glo paint on a black background really makes the piece standout as one of the highlights of Wynwood. Check out more of Ryan McGinness' work here. img_4-2 img_1-3 img_2-3 img_3-3

Artist: Gaia A recent art-school graduate and pretty new to the scene, Gaia delivers an incredible rendition of Florida tycoon Henry Flagler. Gaia commented,
"I don't do these murals as celebrations, but I do them to reopen up the book of history and investigate these people in a setting that is specific to their legacy. I think it's interesting to have their portrait in a place they shaped, so that their responsibility becomes apparent—so that you can have a face to the name."
Truly dope piece exhibiting incredible levels of skill. Gaia is sure to be a name to watch in the future, check out some more of his work here. img_4-3 img_1-4 img_2-4 img_3-4

Artist: B. Hailing from Athens, Greece, artist B. created this incredible "sea of object" as he calls it for this years Wynwood Walls. The sea of objects is counter to Greece's current situation where people are protesting for the attainment of more wealth and therefore, objects. B. "believes that we make a pattern of random things in the choices we make, and he wants to show that this is the world that we create." img_4-4 img_5-1 img_1-5 img_2-5 img_3-5 img_6

The best of Miami Art Basel 2011’s Walls, Street Art at its finest.