So I’m exactly a month late on this one.  I was supposed to cop it when it dropped, but it somehow slipped through the cracks.  Well today Sandman‘s video for “Anchor”(Scope Here) dropped, and not only is it a fucking ill street video but it reminded me to cop the tape and hook you guys up.  I’ve skimmed everything, but really listened to a couple tracks and it sounds good.  Have I ever given you people a whack mixtape?  I think not.  Sandman is down with the Clipse, and is part of the Re-Up Gang which is a huge co-sign for me.  I just like his style and delivery.  You can’t just be good at rapping anymore, you have to be more then that.  I’ll give you three tracks to preview below as well as the link where you can cop the whole tape.  Enjoy bitches!



Gianormous– Sandman


“Anchor”- Preview Link

“Rockin and Rollin”- Preview Link

“Give It To Me’- Preview Link