My Name is Dre

 |  April 29, 2010


I need me some Andre!  The Bay Area or as they say “Yay Area” Andre Nickatina. Also known as Dre Dog, he’s been active in the game releasing mixtapes, albums and several collaborations since the early 90’s- putting in time and hustling hard.  Dre’s latest endeavour is funky as they come- ‘Khan! The ME Generation’. As referenced in a previous post on this site, his numbers first week out were blazing! Read here:

I saw the first NY show– it was madness- my girl Roxy Cottontail booked it at Joe’s Pub. Still remember the date so fresh in my head- of course I was a few years younger- more brain cells. Dec 9th, 2005.   If I’m not mistaken it was Amanda Blank’s first show or early career days and on the decks Nick Catchdubs who’s gone on to do really well with his Fools Gold label.

Check out the first single off the album.  He’s always on the next ish and mad creative with his style and flow.  “1-Flight”-  Not as raw as some of his other videos but still with that Bay Area glide.

I’ve requested him on Twitter. I’m dying to check out his tweets but he keeps them private. In fact there’s definitely a mystique about him and he definitely doesn’t give out any promos. No downloads, no Freebies.   You got to cop his albums to hear them.  And it’s working…His tours are sold out- his merch in full effect and his operation solid!  Indie artists take note! He’s doing it right!   I hope Dre gets back to NY soon!

Cop the album online at Andre Nickatina – 13 juicy tracks- a bonus track and a collab with Paul Wall.   I think my fave track is “Jelly bean Colored Suits”. Oh and appropriately he dropped this banging new album on 4/20!!!