Could a Quavo solo project be in the works?

Quavo has risen from the Atlanta traps to dominate music with his fellow brethren, Migos. The three have a tangible chemistry that derives from their familial bond, time spent together, and aligned agendas. However, Quavo has all but unanimously been dubbed the leader, and he’s starting to leverage this star status for solo endeavors. His presence for feature verses has been requested by A-list rappers timelessly, and now he’s starting to put out his own solo work.

Teaming up with Atlanta-based super producer, Zaytoven, Quavo released the fiery single “Stars in The Ceiling” last night. Zay provides a rare tonally somber production that breathes enough for Quavo to pen his signature flow across the track. Discussing what he’s overcome, and the people he’s made jealous haters in the process, Quavo reflects on the good fortune that has finally materialized from his arduous efforts. He now wakes up to see stars in the ceiling.

Take a listen to Quavo’s “Stars in The Ceiling” below: