Recap: J. Cole Listening Party (Chicago)

 |  July 26, 2010

Last night I was pleasantly surprised and mildly disappointed when I walked into Plan B Lounge last night.  The reason for me being there was to get a sneak preview of J. Cole’s debut album.  He performed earlier at a car show for WGCI-FM and was hosting an after party at another club downtown.  I didn’t even think he would show, but he did and was extremely cool. It’s a rare occasion to see a rapper really walking and talking amongst the people and genuinely enjoying themselves. However, I didn’t get to hear any of the album because they didn’t play any of it, scared of internet leaks and such.  That was a letdown, but understandable.  I heard that he will handle a bulk of the production and NO ID will produce 3 songs off the album.  Shout out to Andrew of Fakeshore Drive, DJ RTC of Ruby Hornet and my man @Bacardiru for holding me down in the VIP with the free beer.  Also a big thanks to KMax for the pictures you see below: