|  February 18, 2008

      A concert featuring rap duo Dead Prez resulted in more than $30,000 in damages and an overturned Thurston County Sheriff’s patrol car during a riot that took place after the performance on Friday (February 15) at The Evergreen State College.

      A campus police officer was dispatched around 1:30 a.m. following a report of a fight inside the College Recreation Center where the group Dead Prez was performing.  The female officer arrested a man and placed him in the back of the patrol car. Some of the concert goers were taunting and questioning the actions of the officer, said Trooper Brandy Kessler of the Washington State Patrol.

       After the arrest, Kessler said, a member of the hip-hop group reportedly told the crowd, “They’re taking one of our people. Go take care of it.”  “It sounds like the band may have been encouraging them a little,” she said.

      But some of the people at the concert said the band member only told the crowd to get the officer’s badge number and look after the man.

      Six sheriff’s deputies who arrived to assist the campus officer reported that several people in the crowd were throwing rocks, bottles and even a garbage can at the them, and others were grabbing at the deputies’ guns.

       Some in the swelling crowd kicked the patrol car, broke its window, wrote graffiti on it with black marker and rolled the vehicle onto its roof, Kessler said. Two hundred people were at the scene at one point, she said.