Trey Songz, the infamous groupie lover, finds some interesting ways to stay inspired! He recently sat down with Manny Norte for an interview about his sold out LoveFaces tour. The interview seemed to have taken place after the menage on the London stage.

Trigga doesn’t only kiss his fans on the stage, he definitely keeps a nice abundance of various bras and pantys that fans throw at him during the concert. I guess the reason why I find this so strange is that we never really know what happens to the underwear after it’s thrown on the stage. Well Trey gives the all access pass to this particular practice: he pretty much keeps them. A nice colorful collection of lace, bows and a few skid marks, which he refuses to wash.

In the video below, he says: “Yeah I keep them all.. Nah I don’t wash them. Nobody else gon’ wear ’em. It’s just that if I need encouragement… You know if my self esteem is low, I look at these pairs of panties.

I can’t be mad at it; everyone needs some type of inspiration. I am a little creeped out though.