This man’s got talent

Hate him or love him, Russ is a talented musician with a ferocious fanbase. The polarizing artist might have caught flack for his incentive perspective towards hip-hop’s drug problem, but the self-proclaimed DIY king consistently delivers enticing music.

His most recent album, Zoo, provides further evidence of this artistic command, and is filled with hits and deep cuts. One of the tracks that straddles both of these criteria is the album’s fourth song, “Missin You Crazy”. Today, Russ posted the making of the accoustic version of this track, coming through with a stripped-down version, showcasing the song’s inherent beauty and Russ’ superior talents.

A musical hyphenate, Russ is as comfortable behind the booth as he is writing songs, producing, and mastering them, so it shouldn’t come as a shock when he delivers such a delicate barebones remix to his own track.

If you still have any doubt about Russ’ talents, hit play on the video below: