The man is never afraid to speak his mind.

Rapper, producer, songwriter, Russ, is a manifestation of the drastically changing music industry climate. A man with ostensibly zero blog or label support has been able to cultivate a loyal, diverse, grand fanbase that has translated into his debut album’s, There’s Really a Wolf, Gold status with a few tracks going Platinum. He’s living proof that a once vital PR tool—blogs—is no longer the sole indicator of an artist’s potential success; he will never compromise his vision for a trend; he’s helping change the course of the musician’s plight.

Part of Russ’ enticing allure—outside of his awesome music—is his penchant for speaking his mind with zero regard for how it might be received by the public. Recently, he went on Complex’s Everyday Struggle to voice his deep disdain towards blogs and labels, while harping on how “doing you” can pay dividends if one stays true to their vision. One of the pillars supporting Russ’ house of integrity is his outspoken disapproval of drug abuse substantiating the majority of today’s hip hop content. In case there was any confusion regarding his stance, he cleared that up on Twitter yesterday.

In a series of Tweets, Russ took aim at rappers who rely on discussing Xanax and Lean abuse to support their “musical substance.” Igniting the thread with a picture of himself wearing a shirt saying, “How much xans and lean do you have to do before realizing you’re a fucking loser,” Russ went on to condemn these rappers for negatively influencing impressionable young fans who haven’t developed the moral compass to navigate their lives independently yet. Almost taking on the role as hip hop’s vigilante, Russ doesn’t care what you think of him or what he says—as long as his message gets heard by even one kid, then he’s done his job well.

Read the series of tweets below: