Ski is as lyrical and funny as ever.

Ski Mask has been teasing new music for some time now. While his highly anticipated project, The Book of Eli, has yet to surface, he’s decided to satiate his patient fanbase with the track he’s been teasing on social media, “DoIHaveTheSause?”. The single imparts an emotional dichotomy: on one hand, it’s a great Ski track; on the other, it reinforces our need for The Book of Eli’s release.

“DoIHaveTheSause?” hinges upon Ski’s winning formula: off-center trap production, his quick-tongued flow, staple ad libs, and his heightened lyrical and flowing abilities. Balancing his lyrical wit with shining a spotlight on social issues, Ski raps, “Good afternoon, my name is Ski and I’m higher than the cow that jumped over the moon / Might be the coolest monkey in the jungle, but I’m not a baboon.”No, The Book of Eli is not out yet. But, “DoIHaveTheSause?” serves as a necessary consolation.

Stream Ski’s new track below: