Young Drako’s eyes are wide, his hunger insatiable. 

Soulja Boy has our undivided attention–and he’s well aware of that.

The polarizing, perpetually-entertaining Soulja has his marketing prowess on full-display with his recent reintroduction to virality. “Draaaakee??”; “Tyggaaaa??” His disbelief regarding his place among the game’s most influential artists–directed at Charlamagne during their recent Breakfast Club interview–has plastered the “Crank That” rapper’s name across a gaggle of headlines, laying a prosperous path for Young Drako to reclaim his erstwhile acclaim. Being the branding savant that he is, Soulja has wasted no time capitalizing on the revitalized fame.

When he’s not busy being one of hip-hop’s most creative entrepreneurs–the man is the first rapper with a video game console to his name–Soulja is entrenched in his craft, busy in the lab formulating his next viral musical marketing ploy. The first experiment yielded from these industrious sessions materializes as Soulja’s new song and video, “New Drip”.

A Dirty Bird Films production, “New Drip” doesn’t necessarily push the needle creatively, as it finds comfort in traditional hip-hop tropes and style, but it does reflect Soulja’s ability to curry favor from curious minds who have been reintroduced to him by his recent social media antics–it is a solid song, after all. It demonstrates a man’s master plan to reclaim dominance: Step 1) Regain public attention through social media stunts–like beef with everyone from Famous Dex to Casanova; Step 2) Create viral moments on one of hip-hop’s most popular interview platforms, The Breakfast Club; Step 3) Capitalize on new found glory by following said interview with new music.

When it’s all said and done, Soulja might very well go down as one of our generation’s most impactful marketers. From creating dances to being one of the initial rap internet pioneers, Soulja often finds himself at the forefront of trends–either setting them or molding them.

The limelight on Soulja is shining radiantly. He has our attention–and he’s well aware of that. For the first time in years, there is hype surrounding new Soulja Boy music.

Listen to and watch “New Drip” below: