Super Bowl Stakes High For Rappers Too?

 |  January 26, 2012

In less than 2 weeks, the New York Giants and New England Patriots will square off for the sequel of the 2008 Super Bowl where the Giants came out victorious. In recent headlines, some of hip hops top ballers also want in on the action. After the Pats got that win on Sunday, Birdman tweeted he’ll put up $5 million to anyone who’s ready to side with the Giants. With the money YMCMB got coming in, thats chump change for Stunna.









50 Cent recently caught word of it and is ready to challenge Birdman but just for a lower wager. He just won 500k on Sunday for the Giants win over the 49ers and he’s ready to put up a 1 million this time for the G-men. Will Birdman accept 50’s challenge? Remains to be seen. It may not be $5 mill but still put your money where your mouth is Stunna!