T-Pain Trying To Fix His Mess With Jay-Z

 |  September 9, 2009


T-Pain called into the Ed Lover Power 105.1 radio show in New York to clear up his recent F**k Jay-Z remarks.  He explains that Jay lied to him about doing a set and said he was in Switzerland, when he was actually about to go on stage with Young Jeezy at the same event. T-Pain continues to say that Jay proceeded to talk trash to him while on stage saying “good riddance”, as he performed his hit D.O.A.

With that incident and the crowd at his recent DJ session taunting him saying “Jay-Z destroyed you on D.O.A., T-Pain as he put it “bugged out that day”.

In the end T-Pain says he spoke to Jay and things were squashed. He says he’s cool with Jay-Z and that he is and always will be a fan of his.

T-Pain also addressed the fake twitter account that was posting the F**k  Fabolous rumors. He says that he spoke to Fab and cleared up all the rumors.  In return Fab apologized for his own Twitter rants where he went in on T-Pain and  said “T-pain better give Mr. Monopoly back his top hats!!”