|  September 17, 2008

fokisSo he has a project dropping today produced entirely by Aftermath protege Focus called 20/20. He has featured on tracks alongside Kool G Rap, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden and has still time to hold down his company Loyalty Records and Krystal Clear Recordings; one thing for sure is the L.E.S rep Fokis is constantly on his grind.Check out what he says in our introductions section and then click on the link to check out his 20/20 EP produced entirely by Focus and see what you think. Representing:  I am from the Lower East Side of NYC in Manhattan.  It’s a very diverse neighborhood with a lot of history and I love it. we have a few famous people who are from or at some point lived in the lower east side like Tru-Life, former NBA star Jason Williams, Luther Vandross, Inspectah Deck and moreInvolved in Hip-Hop: I have been involved in the music game for well over 10 years.  I pressed up and released my 1st single on wax in 1998.  mp3’s weren’t around back then so it was a different ball gameIf not rapping what would you be doing: Well I always wanted to be a Lawyer, I have always been fascinated by trains too, maybe a train conductor.  What ever I would have been doing I am sure I would have been happy, or at least make the best of it.

Internet – gift or a curse: Can you say GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT… the internet made it an even playing field.  I come from the era of pressing wax, tapes and CDs. It was expensive as ever to promote your music back then.   A lot of the new artists don’t know how good they got it.  It’s essentially free to promote your music now.  Now your talent actually means something.  Although it wasn’t as saturated as it is now but I always believe, good music is good music and will always find its way to fans.  CDs are still important because not everyone is on a computer.  As for print mags, they are still important but don’t hold as much weight as they once did, everything is all about online now.

Hangouts: I am a studio rat; I like to be in the studio working on music.  I learned its best to stay ahead of the game and have as much music in the stash as possible.  I like to spend my free time with my family, at the movies, I love the outdoors too. 


SONG: Me against the world by 2pac,

VIDEO: Self Destruction video by KRS-ONE,

TOUR: The Up in Smoke Tour was crazy

MOVIE: any movie with Adam Sandler (Mr. Deeds, Big Daddy, etc…)

PRODUCER:  Focus… of Aftermath Ent.,RZA and Neptune’s.

BOOKS: Rich dad Poor Dad and The Alchemist.

The future of Hip-Hop: Looking good, so many people are tired of the quality of music in the past few years that artists are finally stepping up making good music again.  It’s only going to get better. Got to think positive ya know…

 **ELECTION FEVER** Obama or McCain:   Obama because him being half black, and having a black wife, he can relate to a lot of the issues many minorities face and I really think he will put the people first.  I really hope he wins, it is so important for everyone to vote.

Hidden Secrets: I’m an Xbox junkie, I love playing Xbox Live.  I am also a basketball junkie, I love playing ball, its therapy for me and great exercise too.

Hardest thing about the game:  Trying to get a record deal.  It’s really tuff now, especially for all those artists still trying to submit demos.  Those days are pretty much over with.  You now have to treat yourself like a company and market your product and get it out there

CLICK ON  COVER TO DOWNLOAD  20/20 EP featuring Mistah Fab, Young Dre the Truth and Bad News