Combat Jack: iPad? iCan’t!

 |  January 28, 2010


I remember a couple of years back, my boy Mike, who does design for a book publishing company, started rocking a Kindle. From the gate, I wanted one. On how it was brand new. Fresh. And all shiny like. If you don’t know, the Kindle is this electronic light weight device that allows the reader to download books to read from. Kind of like an iPod for books. The Kindle took off in popularity during the past couple of years. It was made by Amazon, which made sense, since Amazon has become the premiere online shop for ordering books.

I know by now that you’ve all seen yesterday’s  new coverage surrounding Apple’s latest invention, the iPad. Shit was ridiculous how much info this thing got. The news was so thick that it even choked the Internets up.  I’m all for storing information in one convenient place. Like how I don’t have to waste space saving old cd’s on janky ass cd racks anymore. I do love the feel of reading books, but it seems like there’s a lot to like about the iPad. The user interface looks good, the price point doesn’t kill the consumer (with simple Wi-Fi or with higher-speed 3G; the entry-level 16GB device is $499. The 32GB iPad with 64GB is $829).  Plus they’re building out the online store (iBooks) that will supposedly do for the iPad what iTunes has for the iPod.

The way it’s looking, I don’t know whether I should applaud Apple for how it continues to stay on top of it’s game, always moving into new waters, new industries that it’s not accustomed to. Or whether I should cringe and view it as the anti-Christ. In a very short time, Apple has been the death of a couple of industries. The mp3 business, the music business, the cd business, the cd player business. We all know how Apple also has a firm choke hold on the laptop industry, them being the brand to beat. Because of the advent of digital entertainment, and how iPods make accessible the downloading of televison shows and film, Hollywood has been scared shitless for some time now. I guess it’s safe to say that when the iPad hits retail (this July) we can all kiss the Kindle au revoir. If I were a betting man, I go ahead and guess that when iBooks is finally up and running, we might could just go ahead and kiss goodbye as well. Sweet baby Jaysis.

It’s not that I’m against moving forward with regard to technology, the Internets has been very good for me. Plus, I rock the mac book and iPod faithfully. I’m just wary about being involved in the creation of the next global monopoly. Feels like I’m selling my soul. Eff a Jay-Z, Steve Jobs might just be that poster child for the Illuminati. And if he was, I wouldn’t be surprised. Didn’t the bible say some shit about how the new coming of Satan would be by him fooling folk by looking all shiny and brand new? And I ain’t even a Christian. So while everyone out there is going ham about this effin iPad, I’ma have to fall back. Books look hella good on all these bookshelves I have in my crib. The way things is looking, the next thing Apple might roll out is the iThink, a micro chip that comfortably fits by our temples, surgical implant services sold separately.

But god damn at how dope them iPad’s look. After yesterday, I don’t want no steenkin’ Kindle no more.


But iMight.

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