|  August 25, 2008

LAPD, yeah we all know what those guys are like, stopped a car being driven by one of Puffy’s boys this past weekend while the Didster and his entourage were cruising down Sunset. The car which wasnt tagged correctly alerted the watchful eyes of the LAPD and the stopped the vehicle to check it out.

Upon seeing their boy being stopped and questioned Puffy and a couple of others from the second vehicle walked over to see just what the issue was, (you know how New Yorkers be on their guard when dealing with the LAPD)  for the cops to pull a gun on Diddy and those with him. Allegedly the cops didnt realize that Diddy was part of the group who had approached nonthreatening and with extreme caution, but once they realized it was in fact Sean Combs it was high fives all round, autographs were signed and everyone went on their way peacefully. diddy