This is a gem from the homey Cavalier, the Brooklyn chief whose collaborations with producers Quelle Chris and Iman Omari have gained him solid backing after years in the trenches. “Ink” paints a picture of the young emcee’s journey with a focus on hard lessons and gloomy glimpses. Iman Omari’s production really sings here though, giving voice and texture to this grainy photo album of classic nostalgia.
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Video: Cavalier Previews “Chief” Album

 |  October 17, 2013

Fresh off a critically acclaimed collaboration album with Detroit producer/rapper Quelle Chris, Brooklyn’s Cavalier sneaks us in to his listening experience party for his album Chief. It promises to be a lively, herb-invoking, spiritual bacchanalia. We’ll be tuned in for more.

The 5 Best New Rap Duos

 |  October 1, 2013

the unofficial tag-team is one of hip-hop’s quiet victories over other forms of music. while rock and jazz and r&b is often replete with dual acts like the singer and the drummer, or the keyboard player and the bassist, hip-hop tends to thrive on the power of the individual voice.
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Iman Omari is a smoothed out/smoked out, electro-funky, jazzy singer making waves across the Left Coast beat scene, and in the R&B world at large. His debut album VIBErations dropped earlier this summer to almost all positive reviews. He rocks this set with rap’s new class (at the 31:00 mark): Moruf, Quelle Chris, Cavalier, Ill Camille and Denmark Vesey. Check his other vids after the jump.
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